BDS Distance Learning
Course Code: 7
DL2 - 2015
Price: £460.00
The BDS Distance Learning Advanced Certificate in Display and Visual Merchandising.
This course is aimed at those who have some experience in the industry and wish to increase their skills. The course includes two realistic practical assignments as well as an introduction to perspective drawing, organising production, project costing, becoming self-employed and health & safety.


DL2 - 2015 /SA01A
Basics of drawing in perspective.
DL2 - 2015 /SA02A
Approach retailer, measure space, sketch idea in proportion, rough costing, approval by tutor and retailer
DL2 - 2015 /SA03A
Type of business, Sole Trader, Partnership, Limited Company. Keeping accounts, invoices and receipts, overheads, calculating hourly/daily rates to include overheads and benefits, public liability insurance, justifying income and expenditure against bank statements
DL2 - 2015 /SA04A
Photo diary of prop building project, typical production timetable.
DL2 - 2015 /SA05A
Window or interior display to incorporate any type of merchandise, but must include a constructed prop
DL2 - 2015 /SA01B
How to convert a plan and elevation into a perspective drawing
DL2 - 2015 /SA01C
Addition of items within the window shell
DL2 - 2015 /SA02B
DL2 - 2015 /SA02C
Produce scale plan, elevation and perspective drawings of installation
DL2 - 2015 /SA03B
HMRC and PAYE, allowable expenses, VAT, employing others freelance or employee?, National Insurance, employee liability
DL2 - 2015 /SA03C
Health & Safety issues and risk assessments
DL2 - 2015 /SA04B
Costing a project, examples and illustrations
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